Experts in wasp nest removal Buxton, Peak Forest Pest Control have over 20 years pest control experience.

Wasps can be very distressing. Especially if they are nesting in and around your property. A sting from a wasp is usually painful and may cause mild distress. But an allergic reactions to the sting can be lige threatening! 

Wasp nests tend to appear around the beginning to the middle of June. They grow throughout the year until September/October time, depending on the weather. 

It is quite common to just see an entry point, either a small hole on the external wall of your house or perhaps a hole under your roof tiles where wasp activity on warm days will be constant. 

We have also come across wasps nesting in garages, sheds or any external structure.


A wasp nest treatment, by Peak Forest Pest Control, is the best way to protect you from being stung during the summer months. We offer a 100% guarantee for the complete eradication of wasp nests. And we can usually attend your premises within 24 hours. 

Once on site, our BPCA qualified team, will have the nest treated in about 30 mins. Most nests only require one treatment however if we need to make subsequent visits, they are all included in the initial price.

Early in the spring time bee’s often nesting around your property can easily be mistaken for wasps. It is legal to treat bee’s, but we tend to leave them alone as they are usually gone by early July.


Peak Forest Pest Control serve all of the High Peak including Buxton, and surrounding areas.

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