Domestic Pest Control

Residential pest control for Buxton, High Peak, the Hope Valley and surrounding areas.

Pest infestations can occur in our homes literally overnight. Some of the most common pests include woodworm, cluster flies, fleas, squirrels, mice and rats.

Woodworm are a small beetle that will burrow through furniture, door frames or even wooden beams in your property. Rats at the other end of the scale, are always on the lookout for new nesting sites and will enter the smallest of holes to set up their nests.


Rats are a commensal rodent, meaning they live with and around humans, so it’s no surprise to us that rats infest properties. They can usually be found nesting in loft spaces, cellars or even in cavity walls. 

Most of the rat infestations we deal with stem from small breaks in your sewers, which is why our investigations always include visual inspections of any manholes on your property.

At Peak Forest Pest Control, we don’t just throw down poisons and hope for the most, we believe in carrying out a full survey of your premise prior to any treatment. The survey will arm us with the information needed to carry out successful treatment to deal with your rat problem in the most efficient way. Our treatment programs may include trapping poisoning or both where necessary.

Crawling and flying insects pest control

Whether you have been invaded by ants, flies, bed bugs, wasps, or even pet fleas, we can offer the service you need to eliminate the problem and help prevent future infestations.

As with rats this service starts with a full survey so we can identify the pest insect and put together a plan of action to control the infestation. This will generally include insecticide spraying or fogging as required and trapping where necessary.

All our BPCA pest technicians are fully trained and have RSPH qualifications in pest control, pest identification and pest management.

For a domestic pest control survey and estimate please contact Peak Forest Pest Control: